Menzoberranzan - music and brief info

The project in which we greatly participated has been created by Aleksey Shishkin. Also he wrote the main keyboards structures. All the guitars parts had been written and recorded by Aldogor, the vocal lines by Veromir. Sergey V. Ivanov was engaged in drums. The texts of songs are the poetry of S. Baudelaire. The music of Menzoberranzan received very good reviews in the European zines, but now you can receive your own impression by downloading this music from our site. It is necessary to note that all the themes were recorded in 1999-2000.

1. Irremediable
2. Destruction
3. Irreparable

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Made by: Studio Maxia
Fire Element Awakening:
2. the First Word
3. Storm and Flame
7. Deliverance
8. WindChase

ћультимедиа-студи€ јЁќ“» ј - MJU плеер
the Signs of the Times:
1. Lust of Destiny
2. Return of the Ancient Prophecy
3. Great Sanctuary
4. Reverse Side of the Universe
5. Rainbow Hunt
6. Predestination
7. Dedication
8. the Signs of the Times