Happy New Year! (27.12.2007)

Hi guys! We want to wish you a happy New Year! It is a very funny tradition but loved enough as well. :-) This is strange to use Gregorian calendar (revised Julian calendar) with Roman names for months and to start a year after the tenth month (December from Roman decem - ten). However everyone knows that a year consists of 12 months. :-) Anyway this is a very happy time for many people and we like it as well. New Year's tree, white snow, good frost and many presents are certain attributes of this action though some of you did not see snow at all but that is not a reason to be unhappy. Let this time be happy for you too.


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Fire Element Awakening:
2. the First Word
3. Storm and Flame
7. Deliverance
8. WindChase

ћультимедиа-студи€ јЁќ“» ј - MJU плеер
the Signs of the Times:
1. Lust of Destiny
2. Return of the Ancient Prophecy
3. Great Sanctuary
4. Reverse Side of the Universe
5. Rainbow Hunt
6. Predestination
7. Dedication
8. the Signs of the Times