Answering your numerous questions... (31.01.2009)

Answering your numerous questions, we wish to inform you that work on the new disk is at the peak and is in the final stage of production. At the moment almost all main and solo parts have been recorded, soon we will start mixing and dubbing of the album. Still there is a lot of work ahead, but light in the end of the tunnel is already visible.
We will keep you informed of upcoming events and the status of our new disk as we eagerly prepare for its release. So, hold your hand on the pulse.
Finally we would like to thank our listeners for kind words and good wishes. We appreciate reading your responses and are excited to know, that our music holds a place in your hearts.

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Fire Element Awakening:
2. the First Word
3. Storm and Flame
7. Deliverance
8. WindChase

ћультимедиа-студи€ јЁќ“» ј - MJU плеер
the Signs of the Times:
1. Lust of Destiny
2. Return of the Ancient Prophecy
3. Great Sanctuary
4. Reverse Side of the Universe
5. Rainbow Hunt
6. Predestination
7. Dedication
8. the Signs of the Times