ARYAVARTA is greeting you at our official web-site! Here you can become acquainted with us and our art, to recognize last news and future events.

   ARYAVARTA comes from Sanscrit and means the way of nobles. This very way we, Veromir and Aldogor, had chosen in 1999 although its beginning lies in the far 1993 when DARK PREDESTINATION had been formed. In 2006 we, still as duet, presented our first album "the Signs of the Times". However, in the end of 2008 Kir Kult, well-known for some people, joined us on this way. And now, already as trio, we present you the new album: "Fire Element Awakening".

Aryavarta in Orlandina club on May 14th (14.04.2011)
Our congratulations and Storm warning (28.12.2010)
Aryavarta & Awe.some in Flat club on October 19th (1.10.2010)
Our greetings and musical present (1.01.2010)
Aryavarta on "Stocker Fest 2" photo (18.12.2009)
Veromir Veromir - all vocals, keyboards, orchestrations.
Aldogor Aldogor - all guitars, add keys.
 Kir Kult - bass, screaming.
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Made by: Studio Maxia
Fire Element Awakening:
2. the First Word
3. Storm and Flame
7. Deliverance
8. WindChase

- - MJU
the Signs of the Times:
1. Lust of Destiny
2. Return of the Ancient Prophecy
3. Great Sanctuary
4. Reverse Side of the Universe
5. Rainbow Hunt
6. Predestination
7. Dedication
8. the Signs of the Times